How Does It Work?

airPHX devices produce a proprietary blend of oxidizing molecules that are generated when ambient air goes through our plasma cell.  These are molecules that occur naturally in most environments, but airPHX produces them in a unique mixture and in levels that are both extremely effective in killing germs and well below safe levels as established by health regulations.  Because it requires no chemicals or liquid additives, the airPHX process is organic and safe.

Is It Safe?

The only activated air that exits the units are trace levels of hydrogen peroxide in gas phase at levels below 1/10th of the OSHA 8 hour exposure limit. Click here for safety data sheet. 

Does airPHX Work?

airPHX devices have been thoroughly tested in laboratory and real world athletic facilities. a single airPHX device can treat up to 200,000-250,000 cubic feet of air and surfaces.  

Want proof? Click here.

Is airPHX expensive to run?

No, airPHX units are very energy efficient.  The technology runs with the same power requirements as a 60-Watt light bulb, and requires minimal maintenance. Each unit consumes only 600 kilowatts annually when running 24/7.

Don't air filters eliminate germs?

Air filters such as HEPA filtration devices can catch harmful particulates and remove them from the air, but they typically do not kill bacteria or viruses, stop them from reproducing, or eliminate them from surfaces.

How does airPHX reduce cleaning costs?

The fresh smell of airPHX's oxidizing molecules is actually a by-product of germ elimination. Rather than requiring a staff member to continually clean using bleach and other chemicals, an airPHX device keeps your gym fresh 24/7.

An airPHX device can reassure clientele that sanitation is important to your facility without needing a 24/7 cleaning staff.

How is airPHX installed?

We have several DIY guides here.

Or you can contact us to find an airPHX certified contractor to install the device for you.

How do I know airPHX | SPORTS is working?

Once installed, the technology will begin to eliminate bioburden and clean the environment as a whole. As a result, you will begin to notice a fresh smell as the air becomes cleaner. Ask clients or staff with severe allergies if they notice a difference in how easily they breathe. Over time, you may even note a trend of fewer sick days among employees.

How does airPHX compare to other disinfecting technologies?

As you will see here, airPHX is vastly superior to every technology available in the market today -- both in terms of effectiveness in decontaminating air and surfaces and scalability. 


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