Use the spreadsheet below to calculate the value per year of an airPHX system to you. The value (avoided costs plus enhanced revenue) of a hypothetical 15,000 sq ft gym deploying one airPHX unit with reasonable assumptions is more than $23,000 per year. Change the assumptions to estimate your annual cost savings! 

Hypothetical 15,000 sq ft facility utilizing 1 airPHX PA2400

Value components are:

  • Reduced cleaning costs - 15% reduction in labor, gym wipes and other supplies

  • Reduced sick leave for salaried staff and trainers (1 day per month each)

  • Retention of existing members (0.8% of existing membership)

  • Capture of new members (0.8% of existing membership)


Based on the assumptions below, the installed cost of the airPHX system is recouped by the facility within three months.​​


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